humidity dirge

by natalie

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released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


natalie Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: cyclical
spin me right 'round toy propellor always upside down
twirl me face down ceiling fan hums one sound
pass me around paper pinwheel trampled in the ground
use me pound for pound squeaking bikewheel gets you 'round
confetti laughs toppling down
sigh one million looseleaf spectrum mound
pricking ourselves does blood make sound?
pitter pattering blot marks trace the map of towns
use me pound for pound oiled bikewheel steals you 'round and out
Track Name: orbi(t)nirpmi
it starts inside
it growls and thrives
a babbling hive that wont subside
a quiet orbit just outside nibbling little bits of sky
cant seem to muster thoughts been flustered
your skins aflame yet you dont suffer
set your jaw so you seem tougher
"i learned this from some random fucker"
stretching long on our sides
your marlboro gleams tucked where your secrets hide
ill try to pry them out like dry sunlight
your imprint cuts me up
thumbtacks and grass stained blight
it ends outside
crinkles and dies
"we've lived for far too long"
i think i cant decide
Track Name: dish towel
stooped down to put my PF Flyers on
stood up to find the sun had gone
behind a spine of rigid steam you passed your arm through whispering
taped to the handlebars you screamed engulfed on all sides careening
kickstand down, firmly hands on hips
sip the terror down drip by drip

what will it cost me?
what little color she had left she left there ebbing
writhing pitifully in fits time seems nothing but relatively reverent to her passing
was it the haunted house or dire need to bare your teeth and t-shirt like your dirty laundry?
rinsing your prints seems to rid me of the writ she
lathered on so lavishly the crushing on my wind-pipe pleads
please pretty thing don't cherish me i am a drug repeat
please petty sting wring my neck clean like a dish towel in need
Track Name: mllo yllo
homes on fire
i'm creepin out
the vacuum's whirring
quiet as a mouse
twinkle twinkle pitiful stars
supernova softens this suffering indoors
shadows pencil what your embers erase
perish with you and our inner space
neuron's spitting how my soda tastes
mello yello up in outer space
Track Name: lemon wedge
one day you wont feign your doubts with the deadbolt
concerned crook in the doorway
some say and its lame
our traits garnish the sky like a well laid cafeteria tray
god plays on sunday with himself this game where he cums for every prayer prattled his way
someday in someplace intangible things will deign to meet me face to face
plunge down to your waist
the bath water's piping hot tendrils of embrace
clowning around with spools of scotch-tape
sticky filters attract and commiserate
out on the prowl for a fix and some pancakes
that twitch in your chin is the compass point i'll trail
only devout getting through pretty tough scrapes
the mystery warps wrapped up into plaintive shapes
Track Name: the warm incongruity
bend us
coat hanger nebula
send us
down dead-ends we dread a ton
mention shrewd words like continuum
i yank me to kindle collisions
rend some residual ribbon
have fun
warm dust is what i've become
sift through your palms to pockmarked pockets
catch hints of me in power sockets
i sputter slow a wan blue glow
a smattering for seconds
lost it

im you
we differ fractionally
youre me
its you
you exist in between